Kayn – Champion Guide 2017

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Kayn Guide

Kayn, the Shadow Reaper, holds a devastating scythe which is in control of Rhaast. Kayn has to fight Rhaast so that he can take over the control of his scythe. By fighting melee champions, the Darkin will be able to take over the control and you become a skirmisher ready to take over any tank/bruiser. However, by fighting ranged champions, you’re taking over the control, becoming the Shadow Assassin. Shadow Assassin is excellent in taking down squishies in enemy’s team.


Kayn is most efficient as a jungler or as a toplaner. However, his form is what will determine his playstyle – he’ll either seek for low-hp targets or fight tanks and initiate fights. Read More!

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LanexLane: Everyone is Teemo | NA LCS Summer Week 6

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Pro-tip: Don’t trust messages or links to sites promising to give you free RP!

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free riot points

Pro-tip: don’t trust messages or links to sites promising to give you free RP! Join RHrealism and Crazy Boris in this important PSA to educate yourself on how to protect your League of Legends account.

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It’s been a couple weeks since VS. ended and Yasuo supporters the world over basked in the blazing glory of a chaotic reign.

That’s right, an era of darkness is here. And so, we shared one of two possible endings: the one where Dawnbringer Riven falls to Nightbringer Yasuo’s blade.

Enjoy your reign, Chaos followers. And to my fellow Riven supporters, we know how the world truly should have been reborn. Here’s the alternate ending we had in preparation of a Dawnbringer victory.

Dawnbringer Riven establishes a reign of order

Both endings may not have been as decisive as you’d expect. The last line of each ending reaffirms the prophetic first page of the comic: There will always come two. Read More!

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Champion and skin sale: 07.14 – 07.17

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sale 7.14 lol news

Champion and skin sale: 07.14 – 07.17

Grab these champions and skins on sale for 50% off for a limited time:

Skin Sales

Give your champions a new look with these skins:

Woad Ashe

520 260 RP

Dragonslayer Jarvan IV

750 375 RP

Koi Nami

975 487 RP

Cottontail Teemo

975 487 RP

Champion Sales

Add these champions to your roster:


975 487 RP


880 440 RP


585 292 RP


975 487 RP

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lol news
Concept Exploration for VS. by Hellstern

Animators who work on Legendary skins are tasked with the sometimes tricky job of creating new animations for existing champions. The degree of this trickiness is often determined by how old the champion is: Older champions tend to be easier to make prettier but often have dated design setups, while newer champions have higher-quality animations but can be complicated and difficult to improve upon.

Bringing Dawnbringer Riven and Nightbringer Yasuo to life created two sets of differing challenges; though development happened simultaneously, the age of each champion meant each required its own unique approach. Animating Riven was about making her feel more modern and like a higher being, while working within the constraints of an old system. Yasuo’s new moves were focused on making his already complex animations look and feel even better…and more chaotic. Read More!

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Kayn Champion Spotlight | Gameplay – League of Legends

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Kayn Champion

Welcome to the Kayn Champion Spotlight.

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Unleash Kayn’s Carnage to Earn 2 Special Icons

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Unleash Kayn's Carnage to Earn 2 Special Icons

One will emerge victorious… the other will be consumed. Kayn is available now.

In the carnage that shall soon follow, the most deadly Kayn players can earn two limited-edition summoner icons by completing these missions:

The Shadow Path

Unlock the Shadow Assassin icon by completing the following objectives:

  • Play 5 games as, with, or against Shadow Assassin Kayn
  • Win one PVP game as Shadow Assassin Kayn
  • Get a Killing Spree as Shadow Assassin Kayn

The Darkin Path

Unlock the Darkin Rhaast icon by completing the following objectives:

  • Play 5 games as, with, or against Darkin Kayn
  • Win one PVP game as Darkin Kayn
  • Get a Double Kill as Darkin Kayn

These missions will run from 08:00 PT July 12 through 23:59 PT Aug 13. Objectives can be completed in any order on any matchmade PVP mode (no AI or Custom games). Complete both Missions to earn both icons! Read More!

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Urgot The Dreadnought

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urgot league of legends



A former Noxian Headsman, Urgot used to think he knew what strength was. Then he was betrayed by Swain and found himself bound in chains, a slave in Zaun’s mines. There, he discovered a new form of strength: pain. He revels in the chaos of suffering, knowing that it makes him strong. Now—his body augmented with machinery—he knows that Nexus can never truly be ruled by strength while it is ruled at all. He seeks to destroy the leaders of Zaun and preaches to those who survive: there are no rules, only survivors. Read More!

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LoL News Patch Notes 7.14

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Patch 7.14 Lol

Salutations, Summoners,

Welcome to patch 7.14. This patch drops a lot of names we haven’t heard in a while, from Singed to Garen to Diana to… well at this point, we’re just rattling off the table of contents in random order. Many of these champions have been sitting in obscurity for a while, and we’re happy to dust them off.

We’ve got some shake-ups on the item front as well. The Thornmail update gives tanky champs access to Grievous Wounds, with Bramble Vest as a stepping stone component along the lines of Hexdrinker, QSS, and other “I build into a bigger version of myself” items. We’ve also taken the lethality items into the shop to ensure they’re offering assassins meaningful, satisfying choices. Read More!

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