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Taliyah Changes for 6.14


Hello friends of the rocky weave! Taliyah has been out for three patches now and we’ve had ample time to look at what worked and what didn’t. Having looked at a stupid amount of games myself, I’ve come to the conclusion that I was wrong about the W. Here’s the TL;DR: we’re switching the W to a vector cast*, removing …

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1/7 PBE Update


Greetings Summoners! The PBE has been updated! As we continue in the 6.14 PBE cycle, today’s update includes the His Royal Crabness ward up for testing, a short form of Ryze’s updated story, several tentative balance changes, and more! Continue reading for more information! His Royal Crabness Ward While originally introduced in a late night second patch on 6/30, the …

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New Skins added to the PBE Server

Greetings Summoners! We have some news from PBE Server. New skins has been revealed, we are talking about Warden, Ironside and Marauder theme skins. These features Jax and Karma, Malphite, Alistar and Olaf, respectively. We introduce to you the Login Screen and Splash Art images reveleaded so far. Hope you enjoyed. We will keep you updated about all news from …

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World Championship Emblems 2015

World Championship Emblems

Greetings Summoners! World Championship Emblems on the PBE server. There’s one Emblem for each of the 16 teams that will facing eachother in the World Championship 2015. Thoses Emblems could be displayed in-game by tiggering the mastery emote command (Ctrl+6 by default). World Championship Emblems examples: SKTelecom T1 Counter Logic Gaming Unfortunately, there’s no official details yet. We will keep …

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Championship Kalista Skin will be released.

Championship Kalista Skin

Greetings Summoners! Championship Kalista is the Season V Skin for this year World Championship. During Patch 5.18, Championship Kalista Skin will be released, joining the existing Championship Skins Gallery, such as Riven, Thresh and Shyvanna. The Price is 975 RP. Championship Riven (Season II) Championship Thresh (Season III) Championship Shyvana (Season IV) Championship Kalista  (Season V) This is one of …

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