Patch Notes 7.12

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patch notes 7.7



Passive cooldown reduced. Q2 damage increased.

It’s been awhile since our work to cut excessive strengths out of Camille’s kit and give her real weaknesses. Now that the Steel Shadow’s in a better place from an ability fairness/frustration standpoint, we’re in a good position to power her up a bit. Reducing Adaptive Defenses’ early cooldown gives Camille more opportunity to play aggressively in lane, while restoring the damage we previously chopped off Precision Protocol keeps her razor-sharp throughout the game. Read More!

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Patch Notes 7.7

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patch notes 7.7

Welcome to the patch 7.7 notes, the one where we’ve got changes to a lot of different stuff – forgotten supports and weak junglers for starters. Also, the header art’s different, so that’s neat. (We found a folder of cool pictures from seasons past, so we’re gonna start rotating through ‘em patch by patch!)

In terms of highlights, we’ve made chime collecting more rewarding for Bard and given Amumu better tools to help his teammates. Maybe now they’ll stick around after the match and be friends. We also have some quality of life buffs to some junglers that aren’t so popular right now, such as Volibear and Jarvan IV. Plus, given the MSI hype engine is warming up, we’re taking another pass at the competitive scene (the faces will be pretty familiar). Read More!

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LoL News Champion Guides Day 3 – Ashe

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It is the third edition of LoLNews Champion Guides, and today, we are taking a look at another different champion archetype. Like Sona, this champion has been a veteran of the League of Legends scene, being one of the first champions ever released in the game. Doubling both as a sniper and a supportive presence, we have Ashe, the Frost Archer.

Ashe, The Frost Archer

Ashe is a Marksman who plays similar to a support. Her kit starts with the passive, Frost Shot. Each of her attacks inflicts a slow effect on enemies, and attacking enemies slowed by the passive will proc additional damage. This ability scales with critical strike damage and percentage, both in frost damage and slow amount. Her next ability is Ranger’s Focus, which allows her to save up stacks with every successful attack on an enemy. Upon hitting five stacks, Ashe can activate this ability and change her auto-attack into a barrage of arrows. She has more tools in enhancing her frosted attacks in the form of Volley, an active ability which shoots ice arrows in a cone. The Frost Archer’s third ability is often overlooked, but it can prove to be one of the most useful in her kit: Hawkshot. With this global range ability, she sends a hawk spirit towards any location in the map, which for a short time, reveals not only the targeted area, but also its entire flight path. This also helps set up her ultimate ability, Enchanted Crystal Arrow. This ability shoots a large arrow that likewise ignores terrain and structures, crashing into the first enemy champion in its path and stunning them for a period of time. Read More!

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Patch Notes 7.6

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patch notes 7.5

Greetings, Summoners,

Welcome to patch 7.6, the one where leg day pays off for Galio and he begins jumping halfway across the map.

We’re taking a lighter touch than normal this time around, but that isn’t to say we’re devoid of changes altogether. 7.6 brings follow-up to recent projects such as Aatrox, Warlord’s Bloodlust, and Varus/Miss Fortune. Fun fact: a bunch of stuff’s being outright buffed, but nothing’s being nerfed without some form of buff to offset. It’s been a while since that’s happened. Read More!

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Blind No More!

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League of Legends Twitter has released their first teaser of a new Lee Sin skin. With the tagline of “Immortal sight cannot be obscured”, it would seem that this is the precedence for the next legendary skin. After several years, it would appear that our good old blind monk would finally be able to see.

The decision to give Lee Sin a legendary skin would not come off as unprecedented for many. After all, ever since his introduction to Summoner’s Rift, the Blind Monk has often seen play in all levels. Few champions have the luxury of having a loaded skillset combined with a good balance of stats to become one of the most versatile champions in the game. He is one of the champions that can go tanky or AD without entirely sacrificing attack for defense, along with several movement abilities and excellent initiation/peel. This has allowed Lee Sin to flourish particularly in the jungle, but throughout his history has also made appearances in the top and mid lanes in competitive play. Read More!

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Champion and skin sale: 03.17 – 03.20

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skin sale 03 17 2017

Grab these champions and skins on sale for 50% off for a limited time:

Skin Sales

Give your champions a new look with these skins:

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Tundra Fizz

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Dragonslayer Braum

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Elderwood Bard

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Champion Sales

Add these champions to your roster:


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Galio Champion Update

Galio may be a gargoyle, but he’s never really acted like one.

Real gargoyles have a specific purpose in architecture, and it’s not to make old buildings look hella scary. Actually, they’re supposed to be used as rainspouts. Rainwater runs into a trough in the gargoyle’s back, and then it spits out the water away from the sides of the building to prevent erosion in the mortar. Basically, gargoyles are just a way for architects to make drainage pipes look cool.

Our old buddy Galio is definitely not a drainage pipe—he’s a living statue that counters the cloaks off of magic-wielding enemies. And when we set out to rework the Sentinel’s Sorrow, we decided we didn’t want to change that. But we did want to make him into a more important player in Demacia’s story. We needed to make him bigger. Read More!

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Patch Notes 7.5

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patch notes 7.5

Welcome to patch 7.5, the one where we try diving into some long-term problems that have been around for awhile.

First, let’s talk marksmen. While it’s true we’ve been looking more closely at the marksman problem in recent weeks, we overstated ourselves last patch. Apologies for getting everyone’s hopes up! We are, however, continuing that work, so let’s talk about what’s on deck. This patch, we’re taking steps to address how much goddamn damage Varus, Jhin, and Miss Fortune are dealing. (The Virtuoso doesn’t show up by name, but don’t let that fool you! Our DFT power-down hits him the hardest.) We’ve also got updates to Warlord’s Bloodlust and Blade of the Ruined King, sprucing up a few options for marksmen to experiment with. Read More!

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LoL News Champion Guides Day 2 – Talon

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Welcome to the second edition of LoLNews Champion Guides. In the first edition of this series, we went over Sona, the support champion known for her serene music and silence. This week’s champion is also known for being a low-key member of the League. However, silence is about the last thing you’d want when faced with this champion. After all, it would take nothing more than a swift second for everything to end at the hands of Talon, the Blade’s Shadow.

Talon, the Blade’s Shadow

Among the League of Legends champions, Talon is probably the one that fits the assassin mold the most. He looks the part, and he certainly plays the part. Talon’s entire kit revolves around isolating a single enemy, finishing the job in a hurry, and finally making his exit, often in a flurry of blades. Talon’s basic abilities are Noxian Diplomacy, a two-way power attack, Rake, an ability that shoots spinning daggers forward like a boomerang, and Assassin’s Path, which allows Talon to bypass walls and other piece of terrain in a show of agility. If Talon still doesn’t feel slippery enough for you, his ultimate, Shadow Assault, grants him not just invisibility but also movement speed amidst a ring of blades. Read More!

The Colossus Arrives

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The official League of Legends Youtube page has released the teaser trailer for Galio in his new form. Just as predicted, the champion has been built from the ground up. Instead of the floating gargoyle that we have come to know these years, Galio is now a hulking goliath of a champion that specializes in pummeling those who dare oppose him. Certainly, his new title, The Colossus, is more than fitting.

Through the trailer, one can see that he still has his wind abilities, but that seems to be one of the few remnants of the old Galio. The champion now seems to fight both as a tough bruiser and the mighty guardian who would come to your aid. For those who loved his old flashy ultimate, worry not. The AoE taunt is still there according to this comment, just not as an ultimate anymore. Read More!

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